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alt.discuss.mygrandchild Christmas Party 1999


"WELCOME ~ Please come in & join the party"

Stand by the stove a minute & take the chill offit's always VERY warm in here.

Did you see the candle in the window showing you the way?

Do you mind if we pause a moment to remember what we are celebrating. Let's say a prayer for those that are ill & can't be here.

Please help your self to some of Glo's punch or some margaritas which are Vi & Vel's favorite We really should toast our 200,000 postings!

If you think you can take it, Maw's moonshine is there in the jug, better use small cups!!!

If you like Corona, Karen Z brought some of that too.

S Ladd brought some "Pink Stuff" in a bowl, better be careful!! Oh my, watch out, Mary M brought some Wassail!

If you would prefer something hot, Ruth (RD) brought hot cider & there is also hot chocolate, coffee or tea.

Mary TQO, here's the chair I promised youwe will bring you whatever you need. By the way Mary, we do have PB/J sandwiches on hand for you.

Please help yourself to the food, my goodness there is so much & it all looks wonderful !!

Twila can't be with us but look at all the food she sent~~jelled moose nose tea sandwiches, caribou-a-roni pizza & clear glacial water.

Bee will be away also, she sent some clams & crabs for our enjoyment. I have missplaced the clams, hmmmm I wonder if someone ate them already?

Oh my' look what's pulling up outside, the COKE truck!
I hope there's enough Rum to go with all that coke!
Sandy Sue brought some Egg Nog, that will be great with some Rum in it too. "Yeeha ~ Jingle All he Way"!!!

How about we sing some songs till the rest of the gang arrives.

Look at all the lasagna will ya, different tastes from Amelia & Karen Z.

"Holy Cow" the food keeps coming, stuffed shells & meatballs from Gerri, macaroni & potato salad from Charleen, Sandy Sue & Betty.

Mary M., how hot are those "Texas Torpedos"?

On this table is Chili from Phyl & Ruth, sausage balls from Darlene & glazed ham, potato dumplings & red cabbage from Bridgette.

Here's some garlic bread from Lori, & bread dip from Glo.

Wow Di you brought so much veggies & dip.

Fran these scallops wrapped in bacon are wonderful.

Now Mary C how did you make these Salmon Log Crackers?

Sammy, put the Buffalo Wings, Cheese Firecrackers & Spinach Dip over here please ~ that other table is full. Try to leave some room for Barbara C to put her Tomato Basil Pies & hot Stuffed Cabbage.

Oh my, here comes DeeDee with stuffed mushrooms & caribou sausage !

Joyce the gang will love the shrimp, chips & dip.

Pat W brought chicken & dumplings Arlene the chicken & yellow rice looks good too. Teresa's yams will fit right in there.~~You know what, let's put Patsy H's Sweet Potato Souffle here also.

Vel & Karen Z brought jerkey, Bobbie brought cheese & crakers to go with it.

Look at this big bowl of pasta from Patricia Z, I'm lovin it!

Here's something different, our new friend Yiayia made Baklava & Avegolemono soup (lemon soup).

On this little table in the corner is a special treat from Maw, possom & dumplings. Hey ~ who's that guy in the corner by the table??

I couldn't get the stripper from Lee's hby's party, but I did get a couple of dancers.

Oh look~~MAW is all danced out already

Oh how funny, look at Sandy Sue's band go to town!!

They sure do have Mary's frogs a jumpin!

If your ready for desert, there's more than enoughwe have coconut cake from Teresa & fudge from, Lori, Ruth(RD) & Karen Z.

The desserts keep coming~~Lee brought Cherry PieLynda brought brownies, & DeeDee brought Eskomo ice cream.

I hope you all intend to bring home some cookies to your Grandchilden. Charleen, Bobbie, Yvette & Fran all brought some.

Wow! more dessert, look here, Jelly Donuts from Roseanne, Strawberry Pretzel Salad from Jeanne & Cherries In The Snow, from Patsy H. Don't miss out on the Applesauce cake that Sammy made.

Wasn't it nice of Glo's daughter Niki to help decorate the dessert table with this beautiful "Gingerbread House"
Thanks Niki.

Here's our "Christmas Cake" hope you all have room for some.

Don't forget to take home the Christmas candy that Darlene brought.

What is that LOUD noise?? Oh look at the fireplace!!!

Hooray, it's "SZAK-A-CLAUSE"

Watch out Szak-a-clause, Di is trying to get on your lap!!

There's a cup of "Snowman Soup" wrapped up for each of you to take home, drink it Christmas morning & think of me.

"Sure hope you all had a good time"